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Refinance with Obama’s Mortgage Stimulus Package

April 21, 2009

Author: Allison K.Watkins

How Much Can You Save?

Obama’s Mortgage Stimulus Package

By introducing the housing stimulus plan which is called the “Home Affordability Stimulus Plan”, the primary aim is to reduce the cost of borrowing and make borrowing an affordable option.

A refinance mortgage loan under this plan is offered at 4.5%. It offers the benefit of lower cost of loans both to the existing home owners and new home buyers. Everyone is of the opinion that such a scheme cannot come at a better time than current economic downturn.

Struggling home owners are looking forward for the implementation of this package. Amount of savings they can make comes to some thousands of dollars every month.

With rising unemployment rates and loss of jobs, double income is a matter of past and every effort to get the best paying job is in vain. The stimulus package announced by the new government is seen more as a saving on home loan repayment plan or reduced cost of borrowing plan.

Extent of benefits in the ‘Home Affordability Package’ announced by President Obama

Existing home owners greatly benefit from this scheme. Home owners are offered refinance loans at reasonable rates even if they owe more than what their house can fetch them. This is indeed good news for all house owners, whose property values have dropped drastically. Although home owners tend to save more on refinancing, it is not always the right option. Mortgage Refinancing is a critical decision; any flaw will be a costly decision putting your house at stake.

By offering these benefits, it certainly helps in avoiding foreclosures and defaults in repayments which is a good sign. Mortgage rates are expected to fall as low as 2% and the payment limit for borrowers might be reduced to 31% of the gross income of the borrower.

Key points in Obama’s Mortgage Stimulus Package

Obama’s Home Affordability Plan has two key aspects or key points of focus.

  • Mortgage brokers and banks are paid incentives for extending loans to those home owners who were initially denied loans as they do not have the required 20% equity on their homes.
  • Offering beneficial plans for existing home owners to modify their terms of mortgage, where their mortgages are backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Such mortgages call for a limit on the monthly payments which should not exceed thirty eight percent of the gross total income of the borrower.

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    Obama Home Affordability Stimulus Plan aim to reduce the cost of borrowing and make borrowing an affordable option.

  2. Obama’s Mortgage Stimulus Package


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  17. According to a recent poll, only 82% of Democrats would re-elect Obama if they could vote today. They voted for hope and ended up with change.


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